Are you tired of going back to him, even when you said you were done?

Aren't you tired of the affair drama and heartache? Do you feel you've become a woman you don't even recognize or like anymore?

Join me in learning how to finally break free!

If you're ready, this 4-week online course will walk you through the most important steps you need to take to help you break free of the fog and finally end your affair for good, so you can reclaim your peace and your life again!

You have 2 options for taking this course:

OPTION 1= Take the COURSE ONLY right now, without waiting for the support group.

I've recently made the course available year round (this is the COURSE ONLY- not the support group part). For those of you who can't wait until the support group to option, THIS is a great option. It's the same exact online course and worksheets- and it's completely self-paced and private. Click the link below to go to the check out page for the course only.

OPTION 2=The online course AND support group

The course- with the support group for women- is only available 2x a year. It's the same 4 modules and 2 bonus lessons, with the addition of a temporary (4 week) Facebook group and 4 Zoom group coaching calls (1 per week). The content is released as one module/week- for the 4 weeks, as everyone works through it together. Stay tuned via the wait list to find out when Debbie reopens the class!

Have you tried to end your affair before, but you always find yourself in the same cycle -over and over again?

Do you wonder if you'll ever be able to let him go, even though you know it's the right thing to do?

But what if there was a way out of the chaos and pain, to a life of peace and honor instead?

I'm here to tell you, there IS...

If you're a woman who wants to get free of the ties to your affair partner,
and start healing from the affair-

help and support is finally here for you!

  • Have you been feeling alone and defeated, like nobody understands how hard it is to break free?
  • Has the guilt and shame been eating you up inside?

There is a way out.

I want to you to truly experience the hope, healing and peace
that comes from breaking free of your affair for good.

Isn't it time, my friend? 

is the ONLY course & support group of it's kind, anywhere!


1. This is specifically for women who were unfaithful;
with their own unique needs and challenges-
it's not a one size fits everyone process.

2. This is a step-by-step recovery program
you can access 24/7 in the privacy of your home;
with practical tools via video slides, worksheets, journal prompts & assignments. 

3. If you choose option 2- the course AND  support group, you won't be going through this alone.
The 4-week support group features a private (temporary 'pop up' Facebook group where you can connect with the other women, and weekly (4) Zoom group coaching calls with Debbie,  to help you connect with other women going through this too.

All to help you finally get free!

So if you’re finally ready to end your affair,
so you can regain a life of peace & honor-
don't wait another day! 

Sign up today for either option in the 2 buttons below.

Purchase the course only now, and get immediate access!

Available right away as a self-paced course with video lessons and worksheets to take in the privacy of your own home. Cost=$97

Or, get on the waiting list for the course and support group!

*next class will be Fall 2021 as Debbie is adding more helpful content to it! The course & support group cost=$225

Here’s what you’re getting
when you enroll in the support group version today:

The complete online course- "How To End Your Affair & Reclaim Your Life."

  • The course has
    4 Modules & one introduction module with 22 video slide lessons-
    Content is dripped out over 4 weeks.
    = $300 value
  • Bonus 1 - Over 100 pages of worksheets, assignments, journal prompts, checklists, reading guides and more!
    = $150 Value
  • Bonus 2 - A private, support group of non-judgmental women to help & encourage each other on this journey via a private Facebook group only for current students that you can access 24/7.
    = $100 Value
  • Bonus 3 - Live weekly group coaching calls and Q&A with Debbie as we review that weeks lessons together; Debbie will be your affair recovery coach who personally understands this battle.
    = $200+ Value
  • NEW Bonus! The Spiritual Side of your recovery.
    A separate module on how to find the spiritual healing available to you through Jesus Christ. Whether you're a Christian or not, I'll walk you through some deeper spiritual truths to help you discover the hope God offers to His children, what true repentance means, how to get free of the invisible chains and shame, so you can experience true lasting peace...and more!

    Your Result= A way out of the pain and chaos of your affair, so you can begin healing your soul and your life.
    = priceless.

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over $750 !

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

$750  Only $225
This is the course AND support group.

It's hard to even see a counselor for one hour at that price!

*next class will be summer/fall of 2021 as Debbie adds more helpful content to the course!

What is your personal healing, freedom from the destructive cycle of your affair, and regaining your honor and peace worth to you??

OR, Pay This One Low Price and start the course TODAY in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.

The course ONLY=



Here's just a peak at what we'll cover:

Introduction Module-
Introductory BONUS lessons to help you lay the foundation for your recovery.
1. You'll learn the importance of gaining the right perspective when ending an affair. 
2. Watch a video of Debbie sharing her testimony of her own infidelity and recovery with you.
3. The find out how to uncover your "why"- which will help get you through the hard days.

BONUS Module.
"The most important piece in your healing- including God."

I'll walk you through how to find the peace Jesus Christ offers and why this changes everything in your recovery from your affair.
This module will help you learn deeper spiritual truths & pulls the curtain back on the spiritual battle taking place in your affair.  You'll also learn the secret to releasing shame and faiths role in your recovery- from a Christian perspective.

Module 1-Uncovering The Truth.

This module will help you  understand what you've been up against and why there's such an intensity of feelings during an affair.  The neuroscience and statistics behind affairs; recognizing the difference between true love and Limerence; and how to separate the truth from lies (with some interesting observations from other women who've been in an affair.)

Last, you'll receive my unique, in-depth questionnaire to help you make your own "Truth Lists"-an effective tool to help you look realistically at your affair partner, and the affair, and in lifting any remaining 'affair fog.'

Module 2-Changing Your Mindset To Change Your Life.

You’ll learn about cognitive dissonance, and how to overcome it, so you can learn how to get free of your affair.  Learn more in-depth about how to get better control of obsessive thoughts. 
Identify any subconscious beliefs you might have that's been keeping you bound to your AP; and using 'Bridge Thoughts' and the science of 'Thought Stopping' to give you the results you want in your life.

Module 3-Ending Your Affair The Right Way.

This is the all important module of how to end it the right way.
Why no contact is so important and the 3 most important things you need to do to get free.  How to get past affair withdrawal and move through grief without getting stuck.  Last, you'll learn the 10 steps to take to help you get success when ending your affair. Don’t worry- you’ll find yourself getting stronger to do this, as you work through these steps alongside other women, to make the changes to break free of your affair.

Module 4-Preventing Relapse & Pursuing Healing.  

We’ll talk about the myths, lies and excuses that many women believe during their affair, that's keeping them stuck and in shame. You'll gain practical tools on how to get through urges to contact your ex-AP; & the right and wrong way to deal with urges. Learn about replacing the habit of your AP; and the important role of faith in healing your soul, so you can gain peace. 
Lastly, you’ll leave with a solid & personalized recovery plan to help you reclaim your life again, and prevent relapse of this (or another affair) from happening again in the future.



As a Bonus! 100+ downloadable worksheets.

Most video lessons have downloadable worksheet assignments, journal prompts, checklists etc... to supplement what you're learning and help you dive deeper for your recovery. Putting all the worksheets together, you'll have a complete workbook that you can refer back to later.

Don't delay!

You deserve to get free and reclaim your life once it's over. Choose Option 2 and learn the tools today to change your thoughts, gain the strength to end your affair and truly let go of your affair partner to start living a life you can be proud of again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & concerns most students have before enrolling in this course.

This course is right for you if:
1. You're a woman who feels stuck in the back and forth cycle of your affair and don't know how to fully end it.

2. You're still torn & confused about whether to end your affair or not; this course will help you gain clarity by presenting you with the facts, to help you decide. 
Because deep down, you know you can't go on like this- living a double life; and you probably have questions whether it would really work with your AP in the real world; or you wouldn't be reading this now.

3. Even if you've recently ended your affair, this course is still important for you! Because the statistics aren't great with how often affairs resume again.  without knowing how to get free in every way, we often fall right back into the affair again.  Also, we cover affair withdrawal and grief plus how to work through urges and specifics to avoid relapse and start healing again. 
Ending the affair is just step 1 of your recovery. 

4.You're feeling alone with shame and guilt, and confused about what the truth is or what to do now.

5. You're unable to get over your AP and the obsessive thoughts about him and ready to learn the truth of how to break free.

6. You want the support and encouragement from a tribe of women who are also going through this - while being a support to them also. 

7. You're tired of living like this, and you're ready to do whatever it takes to not relapse back into the affair again- so you can live with peace in your life. 

8. You need privacy, while still gaining support; and knowing you're not alone in this. 

You'll also have 24/7 lifetime access to the course, on any device with internet access in the world!

The beauty of an online course is you can access it 24/7 in the privacy of your own home, and go at your own pace. You get lifetime access to the lessons, regardless of which option you choose.

If you purchase just the course- without the support group- you will work through all 4 modules and 21+ video lessons yourself, and in the privacy of your own home.  You gain access to everything immediately.

If you purchase the course AND support group (when it's available in March & October, then you'll be in a support group with other women. The support group consists of a private, temporary Facebook group and 4 private ZOOM group coaching calls where we'll discuss the homework worksheets and review the video lessons.  (which will also be available on replay to those in that class only).

*For Privacy- your credit card statement is discreet, showing the charge from "ROSE BLOOM LLC".

My emails to you will always be from [email protected]  
No words of affair or infidelity will be on it.  

Yes! Unfortunately, there are many women going through the pain and heartache of their own infidelity. (the rapid growth of Debbie's original Facebook group-
"AMA Women", and the daily emails from readers, attest to this).

Unfortunately, there is a still a huge bias in society against women who were unfaithful.  But there's still many hurting and confused women, with no place to turn without facing further condemnation from others on top of their own shame and guilt they feel over their wrong choice everyday. 

That's what makes THIS course and support group ("How to end your affair & reclaim your life") so unique and important.  Finally, you will know you're not alone; as you find strength from this tribe of women and learn how to regain your honor so you can live in peace and be true to your real self again.
Enrolling in the course (with the support group) gives you 24/7 access to a temporary private Facebook group for extra support -just for women taking the course; for the next 4 weeks (while you're a student of the course).

This is a great question!  There is more and more websites popping up with various programs and solutions to the problem of infidelity.  Some are very good and we support their cause- there can never be too much help. 

However, Debbie's program on HOW to end an affair, & truly break free in your thoughts and emotions, is the FIRST of its kind.
Most only focus on telling you to end it-without dealing with the inner battle most women face when trying to end their affair.

It's also unique in that it's written just for women who were unfaithful.

Also, Debbie's website has helped unfaithful wives (and betrayed husbands) for over 6  years-with many written articles, free content and personal mentoring/coaching support.

There are many wonderful, professional counselors who can be an important part of your recovery- especially in helping you dive into the past.  However, many do not have firsthand experience themselves personally about infidelity- and in our experience, some are giving advice that can actually be more harmful.  
But Debbie and her husband personally went through the terrible pain of her infidelity 13 years ago; and found their way back to a fully healed and restored marriage- now celebrating 33 years of marriage.

This was after experiencing 3 failed marriage counseling horror stories, which has since convinced them that letters behind one's name does not necessarily make them more qualified, or compassionate, to help when it comes to healing from infidelity.  But both affair recovery coaching and counseling have important roles and can be used together effectively.

1. Anyone other than an unfaithful female. 

2. Anyone wanting recovery to be handed to them with a quick fix and no effort on their part;
no worthwhile recovery program can do the work FOR you.

3. Someone who's not ready to do whatever it takes to make lasting changes for their life.

4. If you're looking for marriage advice or recovery, this is not the course.  We are focusing primarily on how to get free of your affair in your thoughts and soul as well as the practical parts of ending an affair for good.

5. Although we make every effort to include everyone, regardless of personal religious beliefs; there are references to faith from a Christian perspective, so please understand that going in. Without Christ, Debbie's would not have been set free from the bondage of her affair, and her marriage likely would not have survived.  Much of Debbie's information about faith is sprinkled in -with one bonus module talking specifically about that so you can choose what you want to learn regarding that.

But, anyone who may be offended by reading of hearing anything about faith from the Judeo-Christian perspective, might not like the material in this course.

If you bought the Course ONLY, you'll get access to all 4 modules (+ bonus modules) at once, and you can go through them at your own pace. 

If you bought the course AND support group- It will take 4 weeks total to complete together with one module released every Friday. (there's about 4-5 lessons in each "module").
The entire course is 4 Modules, a introductory module, and a bonus spiritual truths module. 
Each module has between 4-5 Video lessons averaging no more than 15-35 minutes. 

The course with support group is set up to have one module released (i.e. dripped)  every week (for 4 weeks) so the lessons and worksheets can be implemented with less overwhelm; this also helps everyone to move through the lessons together, and share in the support group forum and once/week group calls.

Currently the course ONLY is $97.

The course AND support group is $225 (although only available 2x year)
Both include the 22 video lessons,
100+ pages of course worksheets and assignments to implement what you've learned.

The support group version includes the weekly group conference coaching calls, and a private online group with other women in a secure forum.
One hour in a counselor's office is more than that!

Regarding refunds: We have a 7 Day Refund Policy, you can read more about the return policy below.

Not very much in this course- this is to help you focus on how to end the affair and how to get free of the obsessive thoughts- giving you the tools to do that. 
This is the most important first step in your recovery.

Marriage recovery,  and how to help your husband heal, is a whole other subject that we deal with more in my Rebloom course/membersupport group.
An invitation to sign up for that is also given at the end of the course.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee


We want you to be happy with your purchase, so if something did not meet your expectations, we allow refunds within the first 7 days.
Because of the sensitivity of receiving access to our copyrighted digital products, no refunds are given after the 7th day of signing up.

But we believe, with the utmost of confidence, if you put the effort and intention into completing this 4 week course and worksheets,
and participate in the accompanying support group, you will gain the tools and strength to end your affair and reclaim a life of peace and honor. 
We also want to help you honor your commitment to yourself, and your original desire to end the affair, even when it gets hard; and are here to support you on this journey.

So...Are you ready to change the direction of your life, by ending your affair and begin the healing process? 
Isn't the double life you're trying to juggle, and the loss of your core values tearing you up inside?

You CAN do this! 
It really can be your reality, and I'm excited to show you how to find that hope and freedom from your past;
to live the life you were actually created for.

Sign up for the course-
'How to end your affair & reclaim your life.'

Pay One Price

$225 -Course AND support group (released 2x/year)

*next class will be summer/fall of 2021 as Debbie adds more helpful content to the course!


Testimonials from women who have previously taken her "End Your Affair" Course

Because of the sensitive nature of this subject, they wished to be anonymous with photos.

This program provided tools to help me resist contacting my exAP. I was able to understand why it was so hard to "just stop" relying on willpower. Seeing and hearing from the other women in the group was amazing! I no longer felt like I needed to deal with my feelings in isolation. Debbie and the others provided great advise and support. I could share without judgement whenever I felt comfortable. This program has renewed my spirit. I am confident I can get over my affair and become the woman I want to be.

I am blown away by the amount of support and information this course has given me! I never imagined having these resources to help me along in my affair recovery and without it this journey would be much more difficult. I feel confident in saying the tools Debbie gives are enough to lead you in the direction of ending your affair, as long as you’re committed to staying the course and putting in the work. I am grateful for the information, the instruction, the worksheets, the community support, the tough love, etc. Thank you.♥️

When I started this course I wasn't even sure I wanted to end my affair and I certainly had no idea how to do it. The only thing I knew for certain was that my life was quickly spiraling into an out-of-control mess. Debbie's course was a gift from God at just the right time in my life. Debbie is such a beautiful person who really loves and cares about helping other women. She is so real; her "teaching" style is much more like talking to a dear friend than sitting in a class. Debbie truly has been through everything I'm going through and doesn't downplay or minimize the pain, heartache, fear, anger, etc. that we all go through when ending an affair. I love her constant gentle reassurance that we are more than strong enough and that WE are worth the effort to get over our affair partner and live better lives. Without her support and encouragement, along with that of the other amazing ladies in the class, I wouldn't have been able to maintain no contact and end my affair for good.

"Debbie has been the biggest reason that I've been able to end my affair for good, and I finally see hope with my husband.
I was struggling with letting go of my AP for almost a year. I think I read every article and watched every video out there about affair recovery. 
Then I came across Debbie's site and joined her group. She has been a huge support to me, she’s offered insights and tools to get over my affair that I never would have thought of and laid out in a way that's easy to understand and follow.  She has always given me, and the other women in our group, great advice and encouragement without judgment. I think it's because she's a woman who's been where we are herself. She's like a guiding light showing us the way to freedom.
If you feel stuck, then this course and group is just what you need.  You won't regret it."

Debbie gives you the tools, understanding, support and encouragement...I personally enjoyed all the lessons and the amazing support of all of the group members. Debbie, gently guided us through each week of the course - giving advice and gentle leading where necessary - her love and concern for all the group members was evident. I was so nervous to sign up to this course but it is the best thing I could possibly have done - worth every penny!

This is the BEST course that WORKS out of all the 20 affair recovery books I’ve read, the intensive one on one therapist sessions, my daily 2-hour read of other people’s affair stories, my church sessions, addict recovery group, and possibly all the other online affair recovery resources I could find. Debbie’s was the most user friendly and comprehensive course.  The weekly check in calls, the separate Facebook group, and the sisters support group are so valuable. Life-changing

More testimonials from coaching clients and group members

"Debbie,  I just wanted to express that you said some things that really pierced through to my heart.
I have been spending lots of time learning from many different sources about affair recovery from videos, blogs, articles; and they've been helpful. But there was something about the way you said certain things [in our coaching] that was exactly what my heart was able to receive.
You were more frank and dire, and I also think knowing you've personally been where I'm at now also helped me hear you.
For instance, my husband has told me before many times that I'm nowhere near being out of the fog, and I dismissed that. But when you said it, I believed you, and it stuck. 

Every single thing you said had some sort of value to my situation and mindset. I didn't have to sift through to find the gems. It was bizarre. I was so impacted by your words, that right after, I made some important moves to secure my "no contact" rule for myself, and am also trying to let go of some of the other"small things" of my sin.
This is hard for me, destroying memorabilia and account/contact information.

So I'm just sharing my appreciation, for you taking the time and being straightforward with me.
Thank you for your wisdom. You are very wise, and very in tune with the matters of the heart.
I'm glad God has you where He does, helping other women. Being in the midst of a sin so threatening to my family, I imagine it's one of the more meaningful ministries today--helping people safeguard their families and marriage covenants in this crazy cyber age. Maybe I'll write you someday to update you on how things are, once I get completely out of this muck and mire."


“I have received more insight and help from you in your brief email and website than I did in the several months I went to individual counseling.  Our marriage counseling has been good, but focuses on communication, not the affair really, except for when we have addressed my husband's fears, worries and emotions.  I have just blindly suffered through it for the last 19 months with little guidance. Thank you for giving me that guidance.”

 I wanted to reach out to you and say that your website and wealth of information just saved our 34 year marriage.  We have a lot of healing ahead of us, but are both finally committed to that journey and restoring our relationship.

My wife was battling all the issues you so accurately describe.  But we reached a point where we could not more forward. She could not let go in order for our healing to begin.  She really tried and I could see the turmoil she was suffering. Hard to watch and even harder to understand, while also dealing with my own feelings.

I really had reached the end of what I could emotionally take anymore. 

I was giving up.  But then something triggered me to go back online for more guidance, answers, whatever. I guess I wasn’t quite ready to give up on us.
Then I found your website. 
I spent hours reading it.
Wow, it really made sense. Almost like you wrote about us. I shared it with my wife, and although I cannot speak to her emotions, it appeared as though the fog had lifted.

Thank you so much for the reboot, the restart, the beginning of our healing.  You really did save our marriage."


Or, Don't wait for the support group- Start Today!

Don't think you need the extra support and want the privacy of doing the course in your own time. for less? You can purchase it today for immediate access.

So...are YOU finally ready to take your life back?

If you're ready to end your affair and gain more clarity, peace and honor then this is the step-by-step program and support group for you! Nobody should have to do recovery alone, and healing from your own infidelity is no different. But now you don't have to.


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