Are you a woman looking for answers to restore your life and marriage, now that your affair is over?

The Rebloom Course & Support Group is here to help you! For Women who've already ended their affair & seeking support to move forward in their healing.

Our Purpose For Creating This New Group.

If you are a Christian woman who was once unfaithful, you know the damage your affair has caused your marriage, your own soul and most everything in your life. ReBloom is a special combination of support group/course lessons & membership all combined to help you heal amongst other women who understand what you're going through.


Rebloom is a safe place to heal from your previous affair.

" Join the sisterhood to reclaim your honor, restore your soul, rebuild your marriage, and bloom into the woman you were created to be."

Lessons around topics that matter to you

There are 5 identified stages of recovery after an affair so Rebloom is set up to answer the common personal challenges and the most common marital challenges you'll face, within each of those stages.
Lessons are either video slides, written posts or videos- many with worksheets to work through.

BRAND NEW is a separate module with lessons & videos dedicated to your spiritual healing in Christ.

A private Facebook group just for women ready to move forward.

'Our past mistakes might have united us, but they won't define us.' 
All ReBloom members will experience this unique sisterhood firsthand- through a separate Facebook group- just for Rebloom members (who have already ended their affair) and don't want to romanticize the affair any longer. 
You'll also be included in our online monthly group bible studies on various topics.


Monthly live group coaching calls

Rebloom also offers a unique way to gain extra support & connection in your recovery: you'll be included in our monthly group Zoom calls to connect with other ladies walking through similar challenges as you are- in 'real time', as we have discussions around things you're dealing with.

Putting a name to a face on video forms real bonds & true healing, and how many previous Rebloom members have made lasting friendships.

The Need

Even after their affair is over, most women feel more alone then ever, and feel unable to find their way back to the woman they once were.
The hard journey to healing is only just beginning when an affair ends.  Without clear direction and support to navigate the difficult path to restoration for themselves, and their marriages, many women will lose hope that their life can ever recover.

The Answer

"ReBloom" Membership will  provide a supportive place for women who were once unfaithful, to experience healing for all areas of her life, no matter how long ago her affair was.

We plan to do this best through connecting in community groups, group coaching calls, lessons and articles, a members only podcast, group bible studies, virtual art classes... all while connecting in our Sisterhood of authentic women.


Come become part of our REBLOOM sisterhood!

ReBloom is a safe place for you to be restored and bloom! The first sisterhood community of its kind; for women in the next stages after their affair is over. There's nothing quite like it for women who were unfaithful...anywhere. To validate that this is the right group for you, we've created an online assessment. That's the first step to joining.

Rebloom is set up as a combination lessons in an online course format
and support group with other ladies like you.

The cost for the 3 months access to all the content and support is to still be determined. 
If you're on the waiting list you will hear about it first!

It's a one time payment for the online lessons (course) and member support groups for 3 months.
*Access to all the groups and lessons is only available to current members. 

There will be an opportunity to renew after 3 months, or let it expire if you're ready to move on.

*See more details for the differences in both plans below.

The course portion=
All ReBloom members get access to all the lessons and worksheets within the 5 stages of recovery. Some are video slides, written lessons or Debbie on camera teaching.  The lessons tackle many subjects and situations you're likely facing within each of the stages of recovery you'll be walking through.

As a bonus- you'll also receive access to extra sessions video Q&A with Debbie and her husband answering questions from previous Rebloom members, so you can hear from a former betrayed husband's perspective.  

The support group portion=

A community of like-minded women who are ready to move forward and reclaim their honor and lives, just like you are. 
You'll have access to our private Rebloom Facebook group- only for women who were unfaithful- but already ended their affairs.

There are also online bible study plans that you can participate in with the group, and various spiritual lessons and guidance to help you get connected in your walk with God.

You'll also be able to participate in private Zoom group calls where we'll talk about topics relevant to your recovery.

Rebloom next reopening is
To Be Determined.

At this time, we are restructuring our programs and do not have an open date set for Rebloom.

It is likely set for September 2021-
If you're on the waiting list, you'll receive an email when we have a date set.

Thank you.

Although our foundation is unapologetically bible based- and many will be Christian women, if you don't fall into that category but you're needing support and help to heal from your affair and you're ready to move forward- then
we would welcome you wholeheartedly!

Because Jesus Christ has been such an integral part of Debbie and her husband's marriage restoration story, and part of Debbie's daily life- information about Jesus and faith is sometimes sprinkled throughout.  So be aware of that if it's something that you will be offended by. 

The membership lessons are organized within the 5 stages of affair recovery.   
You'll be able to take a quiz to gauge about which stage of recovery you're in. 

These lessons are divided between the common personal challenges & common marriage challenges
that are common in recovery and offer you some guidance on how to get through them. 

There are over 60+ lessons.   Some are video slides, video teachings, written posts and worksheets and some outside articles or posts that I recommend.

There are also online bible plans and lessons with Debbie to help you fill your mind with God's word which will strengthen you as you walk in the Spirit and turn from your past sin.

Absolutely.  We know not every marriage will survive infidelity, unfortunately. But YOU still need healing and community to let go of the past and move forward- regardless of the decision of the betrayed husband or condition of her marriage.  
So of course you are still welcome even if your marriage has not survived or is failing.

There are many lessons about your own personal healing and recovery- and your spiritual healing.  The marriage lessons are separated within each stage so you don't need to do those.

Absolutely! I believe Rebloom will still be very relevant and helpful to you, no matter how long ago your affair was. First, there will be discussions/posts around stuff we're all going through in our lives, regardless of the affair.  Like for example, date night ideas, maintaining connection in marriage,
Also, we all long for authentic connections with others- and I've found when we're able to share even the most vulnerable parts of our selves with safe people who understand, we can then form bonds that run deeper than any surface friendship ever could.

It is a 3-month term "course"- meaning you'll have all 3 months to to access the lessons and also the Facebook and Zoom support groups.
It's a one time fee- not a month to month plan so no need to worry about payments each month. 

After the 3 months, you can choose to renew, or let it expire, if you've received the help you needed. 

Due to receiving immediate access to all the digital lessons and coaching, there's no refund on the current 3 month term paid for.   But please reach out to Debbie if you have a concern or it's not what you expected.  ([email protected]) or Private message Debbie on Facebook messenger.

I understand that what you purchase and how that shows up on billing statements can be a touchy subject with a spouse. 
It will show as "Rose Bloom LLC".

my email will be either [email protected] or [email protected]  

I always support honesty with a spouse; and if he knows about the infidelity- sharing with him that you are in a supportive type recovery group to help you learn how to heal and how to help rebuild your marriage also will probably show him that you're serious about redirecting your life and learning whatever you can to become a better person and wife. 
But if it's something you choose to keep private, the name on the billing is discreet.

Unfortunately no.  We've found it's important for women, who've  already ended their affairs, to have their own place to come for their next stages of healing in a like-minded community without being triggered by those still in the affair.

A better option for you would be helping to assist you in ending your affair- as that's always the first step in your recovery.

Consider taking the online course "How to end your affair and reclaim your life".



  • How much money are you spending on self-help books and various therapy, searching for answers? 
  • Do you feel alone without a supportive sisterhood, or friends, who really understand what affair recovery entails?
  • Are you in Debbie's AMA Facebook group but are longing for a group that are fully done with their affair and ready to move forward?
  • Are you spending countless hours scouring the internet, piecing answers together for your recovery questions; specifically for the wife who was unfaithful?
  • Do you stay up at night wondering if your marriage can survive this, with nobody to really confide in, who personally understands?
  • Are you plagued with shame and self-loathing every time you look in the mirror, and wonder if you can ever forgive yourself?
  • What would it cost you and your family, if you never learn the tools to help restore your marriage, and help your husband heal?

    You can find the hope, support and many of the answers you need -for less than the cost of one counseling session.

Meet Debbie Rose

I understand the shame and regret of being in an affair because 14 years ago, I was where you are now. 

The truth is, my work was only just beginning when I ended the affair.  Finding my way back to restoration for myself, my faith and my marriage wasn't easy because I didn't know any women that walked this same path before me that could personally support me, and our marriage, back to healing. It was just as hard to find information online, or in books, for unfaithful wives and betrayed husbands. 

Now that enough time has passed, and I was able to see the miracle God did in healing my life, soul & marriage,  I felt Him calling me to help other women who are in the same place I was and offer this message of redemption and hope.

Rebloom is a more personal support and resource that I wish I had when I finally turned from my sin.  My heart's desire is to support you so you know you're not alone in this and experience the hope and joy of a restored life.

Testimonials From former Rebloom members:

"ReBloom is a wonderful Christian platform that has given me the guidance during the struggles of my affair recovery. ReBloom is all encompassing and there is something for any woman who wants to stay married after her affair. The support and guidance from Debbie, who has successfully navigated through the bumpy road of recovery has helped me with understanding that with God’s help, I too, can have peace in my relationship with my husband. But first, I must start with myself and being the best person I can be. I have always struggled with daily devotionals and keeping God the center of my life and marriage. Every day I wake up and now look forward to my devotional that started with ReBloom. Thank you, Debbie, for all hard work and vulnerability to put all this together! "

Joanne L.
Founding member of Rebloom

"The ReBloom community has served as a huge part of my healing and recovery since I ended my affair. These women who I’ve come to call my ReBloom sisters all share the same goal of remaining “no contact” with their ex-affair partner and finding healing for themselves, their husbands and their marriages. Although each of our stories is unique, each of our stories are also the same in that we lost ourselves to a lie but are now climbing back towards becoming our true selves. As I find my way back, it has been such a blessing to be able to share my story with my ReBloom sisters, ask their advice and even rant on those toughest of days. It’s also been a privilege to encourage and support them when they need it most. Debbie Rose is not just a figurehead; she is a real person who is in regular contact with us, knows our struggles and walks alongside us in our journey. Her website resources like bible studies, podcasts and course work tackle issues specific to our struggles post affair, like helping our husbands heal, tackling shame and finding our true identify. I like that I can work through the studies and coursework at my own pace and then discuss it with other women in the group. Joining ReBloom was one of the smartest things that I have done as part of my journey towards personal and marital healing. You will not regret becoming a part of this caring community of formerly unfaithful wives. "

Michele T.
Rebloom member

"Rebloom has been a light for me during the darkest season in my life. Debbie’s knowledge of the recovery process has helped me gain a better understanding of the turmoil my husband is experiencing, has given me insight into my “why”, and is helping me regain my footing in life. Where once I felt so isolated from my shame, now I have a community of women who understand everything I am going through. Every time I hit a shame spiral or begin to lose hope, my new-found friends are there to help me pick up the pieces. The love, understanding, and advice I have received from Debbie and the other “Rebloomers” has been immeasurable. "

Founding member of Rebloom

"I would definitely have to say that finding Debbie Rose’s AMA recovery info leading into Rebloom has been one of the most significantly helpful therapies in my healing after my affair!! In all honesty; I felt doomed, extreme shame, and terrified in every way right after my A and days after as well. I truly believe God led me to Debbie and Rebloom!!! At this time; Debbie and Rebloom are my main therapy!! I greatly benefit from the magazine articles, the literature that Debbie has written from her own experience. The ladies hold me accountable and are so compassionate and nonjudgmental just like our big sister Debbie. I appreciate everybody’s honesty and vulnerability in the group and it helps me to feel comfortable sharing whenever I need to!! Rebloom is definitely my favorite therapy as a whole for all it offers. It is a huge value for all that you get in the sweet Rebloom package!!! Debbie is definitely a God Sent angel to me and the other ladies!! "

Robin G.
Former Rebloom member

"I am blown away by the amount of support and information this course has given me! I never imagined having these resources to help me along in my affair recovery and without it this journey would be much more difficult. I feel confident in saying the tools Debbie gives are enough to lead you in the direction of ending your affair, as long as you’re committed to staying the course and putting in the work. I am grateful for the information, the instruction, the worksheets, the community support, the tough love, etc. Thank you."

Former Rebloom members and student of Debbie's EYA course

"This program provided tools to help me resist contacting my exAP. I was able to understand why it was so hard to "just stop" relying on willpower. Seeing and hearing from the other women in the group was amazing! I no longer felt like I needed to deal with my feelings in isolation. Debbie and the others provided great advise and support. I could share without judgement whenever I felt comfortable. This program has renewed my spirit. I am confident I can get over my affair and become the woman I want to be."

Founding Rebloom member and former EYA student

"The weekly check in calls, the real time Marco Polo group and the sisters support group are so valuable. Life changing."

Former Rebloom member and EYA course student

"the BEST course that WORKS out of all the 20 affair recovery books I’ve read, the intensive one on one therapist sessions, my daily 2-hour read of other people’s affair stories, my church sessions, addict recovery group, and possibly all the other online affair recovery resources I could find. Debbie’s was the most user friendly and comprehensive course. This course touched many subjects that if you would like, you can do further research and self-reflect deeper. This course also was the ONE course that got me ended contacts with affair partner FOR GOOD after many prior painful relapses. Besides, its beautiful design makes the time doing the course such a treat. The weekly check in calls, the real time Marco Polo group and the sisters support group are so valuable."

Former member and student of EYA

Rebloom is a 3-month course & members support group.


Rebloom is a perfect combination of an online course AND a support group, that is available to you for a 3 month term. If you love it after the 3 month's and want more support- you'll have the option to renew your membership with a discount. If you've received all the support and help you need and are in a better place- let the course support group expire and enjoy your healing and growth.


Price to Be Determined


Included in the support plan for 3 months:

1. The complete course of all lessons & worksheets within the members portal.
(This includes over 60 lessons of either written posts or videos laid out within the 5 stages of recovery).

2. Access to join Rebloom private Facebook Group-
A private group for current members only, who are ready to move forward in healing after the affair has ended.

3.  Access to read all previous issues of our own (digital) Rebloom Magazine with articles & stories relevant to your healing.

4. Access to join our monthly digital bible study plans through our account.
5.  3 Zoom private group coaching calls with Debbie, covering a relevant topic for your recovery. (recorded for you to watch later). We'll have small group discussions together.

6. 7 video sessions of "Ask Jim"
Debbie asks her husband Jim relevant questions submitted from previous members to help you get in the mind of a betrayed husband.

7. Bonus Videos "How to help your husband heal" 7-day challenge.
Practical tips to implement that will help you relate to your husband and assist his healing process.

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