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Are you needing help and healing after an affair?
I know the devastation that infidelity causes;
13 years ago, our marriage went through the devastating pain of my own infidelity, but our marriage has been fully healed and restored.

There is hope for you to come through this painful time

Now it's my life's mission to help other women, and their husbands, heal from infidelity too.

A place of hope and healing for women who were once unfaithful, but are seeking restoration for themselves, and their marriages.

Courses & Support

Do you need help getting past your affair but not sure where to go as the woman who had the affair? 

Click below to learn more about my supportive courses and communities to help you learn the steps to let go of your affair so you can reclaim your life, honor and your peace.


The Main Blog Resources

The main "After My Affair" website is where it all started; filled with free articles and content created to help you have hope to move from the pain of the affair and onto the path of recovery and healing. 
Debbie primarily helps the wife who was unfaithful, & the husband who was betrayed. 


Personal Coaching for Women

Being a woman who had an affair is incredibly painful and lonely.  

I've personally been where you are, and I know the important steps you need to take to move forward into your healing.  
Click below for more information on how to work with me.


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